How to make twitter post to your facebook status in the new facebook


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The frustrating thing about the new facebook is that twitter updates are put into your newsfeed, but not put into your status. So, anyone who is used to following you on facebook via SMS isn't getting your updates anymore. Here is how you do it. (Granted, it takes a few steps. But it works)

Step 1: Go to and create a dummy blog (say,

Step 2: From the Blogger dashboard, go to Settings -> Email and set up your own private mail-to-blogger address – something like – save this email address to your mobile phone address book.

Step 3: Go to, login with your OpenID or make a new account and associate the feed to your twitterfeed account.

Step 4: Go to advanced settings, and tell twitterfeed to publish the description only, update every 30 minutes, and put #fb in the post suffix.

Step 5. Add the Selective Twitter Status to your applications.

Step 6. During the configuration, you can have Your Profile integrate with Twitter account. Type in your Twitter username > Save Changes

Step 7. After ‘Grant Permission‘, you’ll be directed to allow status updates.