How important is it to have a good website name?



Choosing a name for your blog, church, company, or girl scout troop is incredibly important. You want to use a name that communicates what your organization is functionally doing now, while communicating where it is going in the future, and understanding where you came from as well. Or, you just want to be unique.

A friend of mine, Dave Yearick developed the game  I was very curious to watch him in the developmental stages of the thing, as were all of his friends. Dave went through hundreds of names to describe his game until he arrived on djubi, which you can look up if you want, but it is a name for a flying squirrel.

He spent hours studying the internet, looking to see if the name was being used on twitter, facebook, youtube, or linkedin. He did this 5 years ago, when these companies were not nearly as well known as they are today.

What about you? How strong is your name. Is it easily recognizable? Does it show up near the top of a Google search? Are you competing with 5 other companies with the same name? Are you in a position where you can reconsider?