About This Blog

I began blogging in late fall of 2007. By a true blogger's standards, this means I was pretty late to the blogging party. However, I have been very involved this world ever since. As I expanded to facebook and later to twitter I found more and more people coming to me asking me how to "get in" to this world.

Through working with a number of individuals, a few businesses, and some churches / non-profits, I have found social networks to be an often overlooked marketing tool. Let's face it. We are all trying to market ourselves in one way or another. We are looking for the web to give us more readers, business contacts, church members, or even just a wider network of useful relationships. Today it is pretty obvious that the social networking platform is not going away, so how can you use it to meet your needs?

For some it means simply transitioning from a traditional website format that just contains static information, to a blog format that is easily maintained and updated and therefore more relevant and current. This change alone has created a much higher flow of traffic for many people and will do so for you too. For others it may mean learning twitter lingo, facebook jargon, how to write a blog, and how to interlink these and the coming mediums together all at the same time.

The reality is that many of the most popular social platforms are absolutely free. The problem is, if you haven't already immersed yourself in this world things can be very confusing and frustrating. My goal is to be a resource and help to you so that you can create compelling resources for your audience, build trust and loyalty, and generate more rewards for yourself.