Is Social Media Just A Fad? Do churches and NP organizations really need to get in?



Some of you are still trying to hold out and wait for all this social media thing to fizzle out. I have to tell you, this form of communication isn't going anywhere.

If you watch or read any media outlet nowadays, both national or local, legit news and pop culture is being driven by social media.

Want info on what's happening on the ground in Afghanistan? Find a twitter feed from an individual who is actually there. Pictures and all.

Want to know where jobs are available in your specific work specialty? Keep checking your linked in account for updates. Learn to leverage your distant contacts into meaning relationships that in the end gets you employed.

Want to know what your favorite athlete thinks about the huge contract he just negotiated? Follow his twitter feed, or his local sports newspaper column on Facebook.

Want to know the dynamics of your teenage student's circle of friends? Be involved with their Facebook interactions, and follow what their friends are tweeting.

News and media has never had this type of availability to the consumer before. And they aren't foolish either. Marketing companies continue to personalize their strategies to match their clientele. Believe me, this isn't going away.

How should the church or non-profit respond? How does your organization interact with the social media networks? Are you willing to learn how to interact? Do you realize that there are not really any major costs related to becoming active contributors to the network of social media platforms? Are you convinced yet that this matters? If you are, than what changes are you willing to make to get your organization up to speed?