How to show a Skype video call through ProPresenter

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If you've ever been asked to show a video call through ProPresenter using a program like Skype®, iChat®, FaceTime® or similar program, you know how difficult this can be.

The questions begin: "Can I show this through ProPresenter?", "Do I have to close ProPresenter and change my displays around?", "Do I just drag the video window to the second screen and disable the output from ProPresenter?", "Who's idea was this anyway?!". Don't worry! There's a way to do this using a couple of freely available programs and a little bit of spare time to set it.

Using a program like CamTwist, you can select just a portion of your screen to show via the Live feature in ProPresenter.  These instructions should help you get this set up in just a matter of minutes.

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